About us

Dieffe Marine’s twenty-year experience comes from the entrepreneurial intuition of Davide Foce, its founder and current president.

Focus on Quality

It is quickly structured in synergy with Nautica Casarola and Olbia Boat Service, two of the most representative realities of Italian boating both from the point of view of distribution and assistance, refit & maintenance of boats, sharing from the beginning an organizational culture inspired by the utmost attention to detail and full customer satisfaction that passes through the ability to ensure highly specialized, complete and timely support.

Hence, the idea of Dieffe Marine to qualify within the complex and varied marine market as a “partner specialized in the integral technical management of the boat. Anytime, anywhere.”

Dieffe Marine

Your specialized partner in the entire technical management of the boat. Anytime, anywhere.

The best workers, the best technical partners, and the best spare parts to ensure impeccable work, accompanied by a preliminary assessment and careful and scrupulous planning. Also, in the case of a critical situation, we give an absolute and direct guarantee of the work carried out.