Technical ladders are easy and fast to reach fully equipped to achieve any workmanship and ensure accurate and impeccable performance.

Dieffe Marine realizes directly its technical participation inside its main facility of La Spezia-Liguria and Porto Santo Stefano-Toscana, situated in the main nautical articulations of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the northern Mediterranean. Through an important synergy with the Olbia Boat Service, Dieffe Marine is also active on the strategic hub of Olbia in Sardinia.

And outside our area of direct intervention? Our Shipowners are never abandoned to themselves. You can always count on the support of the best technical facilities affiliated with our international service network.

OLBIA Sardinia

It is the ideal facility for boats from 6 to 40 meters long, equipped with modern painting ovens for boats up to 30 meters, a mechanical workshop with computerized test benches for large engines, an electrical workshop, joinery, and warehouse accessories and spare parts ready for delivery with over 5,000 references of the best international brands.

  • Total area of construction site: 18.000 mq
  • Covered area: 12.000 mq
  • 3 dry docks equipped with 10-24-40 tons overhead cranes
  • 25-40-160 tons motorized trailer
  • 160-320 tons travel lift


Located on the edge of the Magra river, the facility has carpentry, upholstery, painting, mechanical, electrical, and electronic services. There are also ports of call, dock, staging docks, forecourts, workshops, and warehouses for optimal management of boats up to 30 meters and beyond.

  • Total area of construction site: 80.000 mq
  • Covered area: 10.000 mq
  • 60 tons remote controlled trolley
  • 30-35-70 tons crane
  • 16-30-32 tons self-propelled crane
  • “Strong” pontoon with a capacity of 500 tons
  • Berth equipped for boats from 7 to 30 meters long
  • Winter storage of up to 600 boats

PORTO SANTO STEFANO (Argentario) Tuscany

Located in Porto Santo Stefano the facility has an indoor storage area ideal for the implementation of renovation, remodeling, repainting, repair, and refit of interior and exterior, with particular expertise related to woodworking. The property also has 20 berths and a pier in the port of Porto Santo Stefano with 20 berths equipped.

  • Total area of construction site: 2.300 mq
  • Covered area and used boats showroom: 2.000 mq
  • 40 ton remote controlled trolley
  • Ideal for works on boats up to 65 feet